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Welcome to That One Pen.  On this blog I’ll chronicle my search for that one perfect pen.  Now, we all know I won’t find it but we also all know that the fun is in the search.

But why blog about pens?  Well, I like pens and apparently you do as well and that’s what blogs are all about – connecting with other people.  As you can see from the blogroll, there are plenty of great pen blogs out there (send me a message and I’ll gladly add your blog to the roster), all of which have been around a lot longer than That One Pen but I hope to bring something new(ish) to the pen blog world.  I’ll provide reviews and pictures like many of the other great sites, but hopefully my particular take on pens, inks, paper, etc. will be worth your occasional visit.  I plan to take a straightforward and cheeky approach to pens as I try to be interesting and informative.

Feel free to send me some feedback and please consider following me on twitter.

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