Hey, you know what’s a really good pen – the TWSBI Mini.  This thing is a good-looking workhorse that never, I mean never, skips or has a false start.  This pen is so consistent and darn near perfect for my hand when posted that it has become the metric by which I compare all my other fountain pens.  Now, this is not to say that it’s the supreme writing pen I own or the most convenient to carry with me or my favorite pen to gaze upon, but it may be the one pen I own that balances these attributes best.twsbimini

I own the TWSBI Mini with a fine nib and the classic trim which consists of a clear plastic body along with a black grip section and a black cap.  The badass red TWSBI emblem completes the look at the top of the cap.  It’s certainly not a showy pen but the “diamond” body gives the crook of my thumb and forefinger something to hold while catching the light nicely.  Even though it’s a smaller pen, the piston filling barrel holds plenty of ink.  Given the modest amount of handwriting I do, I’ll clean the pen and swap ink colors well before running dry.

There is one minor drawback of the Mini for me – you have to twist the cap onto the end to post it.  Now, I like the ceremonial process of twisting open a fountain pen as much as the next person; it’s a neat moment of reflection before the actual writing begins.  But, having to twist to post is a bit of a hassle especially if you like to line up the clip with the nib.  Is that a bit overly anal retentive of me?  Sure, but if you’re a fountain pen user you know what I’m talking about.

The TWSBI Mini is absolutely a “Carry It” pen and that’s exactly what I do with this pen, everyday.  If it’s not in a shirt pocket next to a Night Sky Field Notes, it’s nestled in my jeans pocket or clipped near the buttons of a polo shirt.

My TWSBI Mini is like my Honda Civic.  Neither may be the best looking or best performing examples of what they are but they both balance looks and consistent functionality nicely.

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9 thoughts on “TWSBI Mini

  1. Just wondering what size nib you have in your TWSBI? I sometimes get bleed through on field notes with my medium.
    Great blog, and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Anne – Sorry about that. The nib size is tucked away in the handwriting in the Field Notes picture. I’ll post a quick update to make the nib size more noticeable. Anyway, it’s a fine. I tend to use fine nibs for my daily writing because (a) bleed can be an issue and (b) I’m a lefty who needs to minimize dry times. Although, I like a bit of ghosting even when I use the backs of pages. It gives the notebook a nice lived-in feel. Also, I used to rely on fast-drying inks, but with Waterman Florida Blue and fine nibs, I haven’t had a hint of smearing in my Field Notes. Regards.

  2. Great review and agree that it is a must carry. BTW I think the Mini is a very nice fit fot the FN.

  3. I discovered you via the FPQuest. I’ll keep an eye on your site, especially given the bonus of you being a fellow chemist 😉
    As for the TWSBI I got a 580 and love it. I’m waiting for the Vac Mini, propably going to be an awesome pen 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I think we chemists are natural pen fans since they’re basically hand-held chemistry projects.

  4. I bought a 540 and loved the way it wrote….it cracked. Next I bought a 580 and loved the way it wrote….it cracked. Then I bought a Mini and loved the way it wrote….it cracked, well the cap did. Finally I surrendered and went back to the 1942 Parker Striped Duofold. Hasn’t failed in 72 years and most likely never will. Plus it’s far, far more beautiful than any twisbi.

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