Kaweco AL Sport


Holy cow! I am absolutely digging the Kaweco AL Sport. There are two minor issues with the AL Sport that prevent me from possibly labeling it as THAT ONE PEN, but it really is a fantastic writing implement. Minor issue #1 – The grip section is just a touch too thin for me. It’s not annoyingly thin. I just wish it was a few more millimeters wider to maximize the feel in my hand. Minor issue #2 – There’s no clip. Yes, you can buy a clip but it looks a bit too large for the sleek style of the pen and I hear it doesn’t hold the pen all that well. The lack of clip is actually a very minor complaint as this pen has been residing comfortably in my front pocket since I bought it a few weeks ago. I would; however, prefer that it could grab the lip of the pocket so that it never wiggles into an uncomfortable horizontal position while in my pocket. It rarely does this so minor issue #2 really is a minor issue.

Now, onto the reasons why I love this pen. First, the look. Just look at that color and minimalist design. Originally, I was thinking about snagging the gray AL Sport, but once I saw the blue color I quickly changed my mind. I’m not sure if my pictures show it well enough, but the blue body color does lean a bit towards the purple side of blue. The octagonal shape of the cap prevents the pen from going anywhere when resting on your desk and the silver Kaweco emblem on the cap is a sharp touch of bling. It’s true that you’re likely to make contact with the threads while writing but I don’t find the threads to be all that sharp so it’s a non-issue for me. Since the cap covers about half of the pen body when posted, the pen feels solid when writing.


Speaking of writing. I originally bought the pen with a medium nib. That was a mistake. The medium nib skipped a bit here and there and just didn’t give a great writing experience so I ordered a fine nib which turned out to be one of the best pen-related purchases I’ve made in a while. The pen absolutely positively sings with the steel fine nib. I haven’t experienced any skipping or dry ink issues with this smooth-writing fine nib. Any fountain pen that can put up with my lefty hook and come up aces each and every time is a welcomed addition to the collection. The writing shown here was done with the Kaweco blue cartridge that came with the pen.

If you were to ask me what are my two must have fountain pens right now I would probably go with my TWSBI Mini and this AL Sport. Both are rock solid performers and fit my hand well. This got me thinking that it seems that I prefer fountain pens with relatively small nibs. I think I control the pen easier with the smaller nibs and they seem to be more tolerant of my hooked and somewhat upright writing style.


Carry it, carry it, carry it, carry it!! The pen is great to write with, is a real looker and easy to take anywhere. Go buy one. Right now. I’m serious. Buy one right now!

The Kaweco AL Sport is like my Wilson Six.One 95 BLX tennis racquet. The AL Sport fits my writing style just like the Wilson racquet fits my tennis game. Both have a great feel and with just a bit of tweaking (grip wrap for the racquet and fine nib for the pen) they become a near perfect instrument for the task at hand.

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9 thoughts on “Kaweco AL Sport

  1. I agree. I got the clip for free when I bought it at the Philly pen show, but i don’t like it at all. I ended up putting it on my blue Ice Sport, and wouldn’t buy another one. That thing just slides around all over the place. My Ice Sport, however, has a Medium nib on it and it’s as smooth as all get out. My AL sport is my pocket pen and has an F nib with Noodler’s black in it so it can write on just about anything!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tony. You’re definitely not the first I’ve heard from that the Kaweco clip doesn’t work very well. Like you, I anticipate I’ll be a multiple Kaweco owner in the near future.

    1. Thanks for reading. I quickly mentioned in the middle of the review that the ink used was the cartridge of blue ink that came with the pen. I think it’s the Kaweco Royal Blue color and your right, it is nice match for the pen. I wish I could tell you it was all planned that way, but it was just pure dumb luck!

    1. Thanks Mike! Me thinks you have your Tim’s and Todd’s mixed up. Todd, Tim…all these T names sound the same. šŸ™‚

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