Pens For Sale

Like most pen nerds, my need to buy more pens is ever present. But, funds are not ever lasting. So, to finance some future purchases I thought I would put up a few pens that are perfectly functioning but just don’t get the use they deserve. I could post these to ebay, but I thought I’d save myself the trouble of creating three different listings and give the folks who read ThatOnePen the first crack at these fine fountain pens. All three of the pens below have been in my possession for a year or less. They have all been inked and used to some extent. The Vanishing Point has received the most use and is clearly in the used category. It has a few blemishes on the body of the pen but the nib and button mechanism are in perfect working order. The Invincia and the Lincoln have been used very, very little and I would describe them as being all but new / just like new. As far as I can see, the Invincia and Lincoln are free of any marks or blemishes.

Here are the basic details and prices. All prices include shipping with tracking within the US. I’ll consider shipping overseas but we’ll need to negotiate pricing. I have the original boxes for all three pens and so I’ll list two prices – one with the box and one without. Pricing reflects differences in expected shipping costs with or without the box.

Pilot Vanishing Point – Used – (M) nib – Matte Black Finish (typically goes for $140 new)
$100 w/ original box (the box is a bit big so I need to factor that into the cost here)
$90 without box (SOLD)

Monteverde Invincia Chrome and Carbon – All But New – (F) nib (typically goes for $80 new)
$65 w/ original box
$60 without box

Retro 51 Lincoln – All But New – (F) nib (typically goes for $50 new)
$40 w/ original box
$35 without box (SOLD)

Feel free to make me an offer other than what you see here, especially if you would like to buy multiple pens.

If you would like to buy one of these pens, please send an email to I’ll send you an invoice via paypal and will mail the pen(s) as soon as possible but certainly within two business days after I receive your payment.

Here are several pictures of the all three pens.


Some close ups of the Pilot Vanishing Point


You can see some of the blemishes on the Vanishing Point in the picture above. They’re entirely cosmetic as the pen works perfectly in every aspect.


Some close ups of the Monteverde Invincia

IMG_0359This pen is essentially brand new. I think I inked it once with Waterman Florida Blue.


Some close ups of the Retro 51 Lincoln

IMG_0368The finish really is brand new on this pen.

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