Awakening from Hibernation

So the itch to blog has come back. It seems like so much has gone on in the pen world the past few months and I want to get back in the action. I have decided to change my blogging approach a bit to make life easier on myself. Therefore, I’ve come up with the following rules I’m going to follow when blogging.

  1. Each post will include 1 or 2 photos – that’s it. I’m not a photographer and I shouldn’t try pretending that I am. If you want better pictures of the products then do your own darn Google images search.
  2. I will spend no more than one hour writing and formatting a post. This is supposed to be fun. Spending an hour writing a post will be fun. Spending 2 hours writing a post will begin to resemble work. As a result, posts will probably be shorter. As a result, they should be easier to read.
  3. The tone will be very, very casual. Of course the goal is to produce reasonably well written, error-free posts but I’m not going to stress over the tone and I’m not going to spend 20 minuts prof reedin ether. If there’s a typo or two in a post, so be it. If I’m a bit too verbose at times, oh well.
  4. I hope to post somewhat frequently but frequently will be whatever I decide. If that’s twice a week, fine. If that’s once a week, fine. If that’s once every two weeks, fine.
  5. This may sound strange, but I want to post more negative reviews. There’s some real crap out there and I want to tell you about it. Besides, going off on crappy products should be fun.

There we have it. That One Pen is back. See you soon.

One thought on “Awakening from Hibernation

  1. Welcome back!. The more different voices posting the better. An entry doesn’t have to be exhaustive and super polished to be thoughtfully written and valuable to the reader.

    I like to see a body of reviews. The negative reviews and the reviews of more common pens like the Metropolitan or the Kaweco Sport tell me a bit about the blogger as well as the pen and gives me insight into how to approach other posts by the same writer.

    And I agree, keep it fun.

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