Park Sloper Senior Wallet


In this hobby of pen and paper obsession in which we wackos participate, we all have those two or three items we constantly return to on the internet. For me, one of those items was the Park Sloper Senior by One Star Leather Goods. I heard plenty of good things about the quality of One Star products so I certainly was not hesitating on that account. The $130 price tag was definitely a source of hesitation, but the greatest debate I had with myself was whether or not I really needed a cover for my Field Notes and whether or not the Park Sloper was too big to comfortably fit in my back pocket.

I’ve had the Park Sloper for about four months now. While I’m still not convinced I need a cover for my Field Notes, I can definitely say that the wallet is not too big for my back pocket. In fact, it’s a perfect fit. It does have more surface area than the typical wallet but it’s also noticeably thinner than my previous wallet. I typically carry a Parker Jotter in the pen holster portion of the Park Sloper and you really do not notice that there is a pen in the wallet so long as you’re good about keeping the pen on the outside (lateral) portion of the pocket.

FullSizeRender 2

On the left, there are two credit card pockets and a large pocket. On the right we have the Field Notes pocket which can double as additional storage for thin papers like receipts. The Field Notes pocket holds the notebook securely and provides a seamless backing for writing. It’s also worth point out that the large pocket on the left can readily and securely hold additional cards in the bottom half leaving plenty of space in the top half for folded bills. As you can see, the leather has taken on considerable character. It’s generally a medium brown color, but there are plenty of darker and lighter marks here and there.

Am I happy with my Park Sloper Senior? Yes, very much so. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Turns out I don’t get much use out of the pen holster portion. Prior to buying the Park Sloper Senior, I always carried a pen or two in my front pocket. I thought the pen holster would allow me to cut the front pocket carry down to one or zero pens, but that never came to fruition. Still, the Park Sloper Senior is really well made and it’s a great way to carry your Field Notes and wallet content.

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