Tactile Turn Titanium Mover


Short Review:  This is a fantastic pen!

Slightly Longer Review:

The name of this site is That One Pen. Its goal is to track my efforts to find that ONE pen. I’ve written nearly 50 posts and reviewed about 25 pens and a handful of pencils. In the grand scheme of pen-dom, 25 is but a tiny drop in the pen cup. All of that said, if I had to pick one pen as That One Pen today, the Tactile Turn Ti Mover would be on the short list at the very least. In fact, right now, today, the TT Ti Mover is my favorite pen.

I previously reviewed the TT Mover and the shorter TT Shaker. Back then, I was more enthusiastic about the shorter Shaker than the longer Mover. My take on the Mover was positive if somewhat lukewarm. Today, my perspective on the Shaker remains positive while my opinion of the Mover has “evolved”. What made me go from “okay” to OMG regarding the TT Mover? My discovery of the Pilot Juice refill and the new titanium body.


A full review of the Pilot Juice is in order and I hope to take care of that later. These refills are now my preferred gel pen option. I’m on record as being a big fan of the Pentel Energel as they lay down a consistent line, come in a nice array of colors and offer quick drying times. The performance of the Juice refills is similar or just a touch better in every way. The writing experience of the 0.5 Juice is smoother than the 0.5 Energel and also lays down a line that is more consistent and tighter. Additionally, the 0.38 mm Juice is the first sub-0.5 mm point that worked well for me. Most micro tip gels feel too scratchy to me. Those that do write somewhat smoothly often skip (I’m looking at you Hi Tec C). Anyway, I still dig Energels but I find myself grabbing for Juice pens much more frequently these days. The Pilot Juice refill has the added benefit of being the same size and shape of the (over) popular G2 refill which may fit more pen bodies than any refill except for the ubiquitous Parker-type refill.

Now for the titanium body. Titanium is a touch heavier than aluminum which works well if, like me, you find most aluminum pens a hair too light. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion so it will look good as new today, tomorrow and the thousands of tomorrows to come. There is also the relative “warmth” of titanium compared to other metal pen material. (Warming, science content coming) Titanium has a relatively low specific heat. This means it conducts heat efficiently. So, while aluminum will have a noticeably cold feel to it when you first pick it up and for several moments thereafter, titanium warms up quickly. Twirl the TT Ti Mover in your hand and it quickly loses it metallic coldness and feels great.


Lastly, there’s design and build quality. As you can see, the design is simple, clean and effective. Those tactile turns toward the front of the pen really, really, really do their job well. Hey lefties, you know how we push a pen across a page which can cause our fingers to slide down pen? Well, the warm feel of the titanium body combined with the grooves of the grip section completely shuts that sliding down. Then there’s the invisible seam. It’s really cool how the seam pretty much disappears as the front and back sections come together.

To conclude, the TT Ti Mover looks great, works well and is built to the highest standards. It’s hard to say. Maybe it is that ONE pen, maybe it isn’t. But I do know, at this point, it easily has a spot on the medal stand. At $139, it certainly is not an impulse buy. So, think about it for a few minutes before you get one.


3 thoughts on “Tactile Turn Titanium Mover

  1. The titanium is probably worth every penny. Still, as you said, the price makes it not an impulse buy.
    Pictures make me want to buy one.

  2. Thanks for stopping by rminnj. I got lucky with the picture of the tip with the TT symbol in the back. That one really captures the great lines of this wonderful pen.

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