Field Notes for Sale


In the hopes of partially funding a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to use for teaching (and personal stuff of course), I am putting up a portion of my Field Notes stash for sale. All the prices below include USPS shipping within the continental US. I tried to set the prices at levels that are noticeably better than what you can find on eBay and still make a few bucks after accounting for shipping. So, no haggling please. To encourage bulk buying that reduce my trips to the post office, I will knock off $5 from your total for every trio of packs you buy.

Please send an email to to express interest and I’ll get back to you asap. All purchases will be done via Paypal. Because of the holiday weekend, shipping will not commence until Monday, 11/30.

All books are in un-opened three packs (except for the Arts and Sciences which comes in un-opened two packs). The Unexposed editions are truly unexposed!

Drink Local: Lagers $18 (3 2 pack available) SOLD OUT
Two Rivers $18 (2 packs available; If you just want one please specify the “blue pack” or the “red pack”)
Ambition $20 (2 packs available) SOLD OUT
Unexposed $18 (2 packs available) SOLD OUT
Arts and Sciences $20 (2 packs available)
Cold Horizons $18 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
Shelterwood $18 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
DDC-054 Factor Floor #1295 $40 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
XOXO 2014 $30 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT

Again, $5 off for every three packs you buy.

UPDATE – Some of these packs are still available, but this post is now several months old and the economics of different editions of FN has since changed. I still have packs of several older and recent FN Colors editions. Send an email to if you’d like to find out what I currently have.







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