Ti2 TechLiners for Sale

With my eye on a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for teaching, the inventory reduction sale continues. Here I’m selling two limited-edition Ti2 TechLiners. I enjoy the TechLiner but these pens do not get nearly the use as other favorites. Hopefully someone out there can give them a good home.

I have two TechLiners for sale. One is the special edition Burple Tricamo TechLiner made specifically for Nockco.com. The other is the limited edition Orange Crush. I believe both pens are currently unavailable placing them in the “hard to get” category. Both pens are essentially brand new. I’m listing them for ~15% off what I paid for the pen plus shipping. Shipping within the continental US is included in the price. The pens will NOT include a refill.

Please send an email to thatonepen@gmail.com if you are interested.

Limited Edition Orange Crush $95 SOLD
Includes magnets in both ends, the small donut magnet for the refill and clip.





Special Edition Nockco Burple Tricamo $85 SOLD
Includes magnets for both ends, the donut magnet for the refill, a few spacers/washers and a clip.





Field Notes for Sale


In the hopes of partially funding a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to use for teaching (and personal stuff of course), I am putting up a portion of my Field Notes stash for sale. All the prices below include USPS shipping within the continental US. I tried to set the prices at levels that are noticeably better than what you can find on eBay and still make a few bucks after accounting for shipping. So, no haggling please. To encourage bulk buying that reduce my trips to the post office, I will knock off $5 from your total for every trio of packs you buy.

Please send an email to thatonepen@gmail.com to express interest and I’ll get back to you asap. All purchases will be done via Paypal. Because of the holiday weekend, shipping will not commence until Monday, 11/30.

All books are in un-opened three packs (except for the Arts and Sciences which comes in un-opened two packs). The Unexposed editions are truly unexposed!

Drink Local: Lagers $18 (3 2 pack available) SOLD OUT
Two Rivers $18 (2 packs available; If you just want one please specify the “blue pack” or the “red pack”)
Ambition $20 (2 packs available) SOLD OUT
Unexposed $18 (2 packs available) SOLD OUT
Arts and Sciences $20 (2 packs available)
Cold Horizons $18 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
Shelterwood $18 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
DDC-054 Factor Floor #1295 $40 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT
XOXO 2014 $30 (1 pack available) SOLD OUT

Again, $5 off for every three packs you buy.

UPDATE – Some of these packs are still available, but this post is now several months old and the economics of different editions of FN has since changed. I still have packs of several older and recent FN Colors editions. Send an email to thatonepen@gmail.com if you’d like to find out what I currently have.