Retro 51 Einstein Pencil


The Retro 51 Einstein pencil is probably the coolest looking mechanical pencil I own. Just look at it! The flat black color serves as a chalkboard-like background for the various equations associated with some of Einstein’s great intellectual achievements. The antique look of the clip and twist mechanism fits the early 20th century vibe of the science and pencil design nicely as well. It’s a Retro 51, so you know the build quality is solid. I’ve mentioned my preference for analog/twist graphite mechanisms and legitimate erasers before, so that features work well for me too. There is a lot to like about this pencil. There are; however, a few quirks to Retro 51 pencils that you need to know about before purchasing one for yourself.


First and foremost is the size of the graphite. At 1.15 mm, Retro 51 pencils like the Einstein occupy an unusual size in the mechanical pencil pantheon. It can feel a bit too wide for most writing occasions but too narrow to be an artistic tool like a 2 or 5 mm graphite clutch. I’m no artist so I could be wrong about that second part, but I do write with pencils and mechanical pencils frequently and the 1.15 mm graphite takes some getting used to. That said, it does get a fair amount of use from me, especially when I teach. The wider graphite makes me write a bit larger and neater which are helpful characteristics when helping individual students. The 1.15 mm HB graphite that comes with the pencil tends to write on the lighter to typical degree of HB darkness for me.

The writing experience is comfortable due to the pencil’s moderate width and weight, but I would not describe it as precise. I think most folks are looking for thinner, consistent lines when they write with a mechanical pencil and you’re just not going to get that with the Retro 51. Additionally, a bit of graphite dust can accrue on the pencil’s tip adding to the less than precise feel of the pencil. But, all of that is about expectations, isn’t it? So long as you don’t expect a drafting pencil experience, the Retro 51’s old-school style and broad graphite lines likely offers a nice change of pace compared to other mechanical pencils you own.


In short, if you want a comfortable ride and have a need to write with medium to broad lines of graphite, then the Einstein Retro 51 is a usable tool that also looks very cool. If you prefer precise, thin lines when using a mechanical pencil then you should certainly look elsewhere.


(My own money was spent on the stuff in this post so it is probably a fairly honest assessment of said stuff.)